The Smarter Way To Work

M-Files delivers the documents you need & automate tedious tasks. You save time and money to reinvest in what makes your business grow. M-Files is flexible and fits into your day.

Document Management

Access the information you need instantly, from creation to disposal. A smarter way to manage all your data.

Digital Business Process Automation

Get a grip on your processes. With digital business processes, you save resources and prepare the business to scale.

Remote Working

Work from anywhere and access every document you need to keep work moving forward.

Intelligent Information Management

Avoid the risk of disconnected data with content siloed in several systems. IIM give visibility and integration across all platforms.

The smarter way to work

One Point of Access

Connect content even if it is saved in different archives or systems.

Access Documents Anywhere

Access the documents you need at the office, at home, or on the go.

Enhanced Security

Encrypt your data with permissions & control access to documents depending on metadata.

Implement Digital Workflows

Push documents through digital workflows to ensure retention of specific information.


M-Files integrates with some of the leading applications and technologies


How Secure Is Your Data?

1 %

of respondents say that their job would be easier if they could quickly access the most current version of a document without having to worry about which system or repository it resides.  

1 %

of all cyber-security incidents are caused by inadvertent employee actions—including leaving private, printed documents unattended

1 %

increase over the past year in security vulnerabilities with connected devices, including printers, laptops and smartphones


M-Files is a Document and Content Management System.  This powerful tool makes it easy to collaborate, access and share information with metadata replacing the hassle of folders. Customisable workflows and automation increase efficiency and reduce errors, making M-Files the smart choice for your business.

Our services team have migrated many clients from varying DMS or document repositories and would be happy to help you plan and execute a migration to M-Files.

No.  You can connect M-Files to many different document storage areas that are already in use.  For example, you may choose to keep some documents in SharePoint and/or Windows folders.  M-Files can connect to these environments to allow you to have a view of external documents and M-Files documents in the same interface.

Yes, you can choose to send someone a link or, for enhanced client collaboration, add Hubshare to the solution to share M-Files content in a secure branded client portal.

Yes, unlike some document management solutions, M-Files also allows you to create custom workflows, assigning different stages of a process to different people or teams.

Amongst others, M-Files integrates with MS Teams, Google Workspace, Office365, SAP, DocuSign, Azure Ad, Adobe Sign, SharePoint and Salesforce.  This eliminates the frustration of duplicate documents. Plus, with transparent access to relevant data, you can empower your team to work more efficiently.

Yes.  We can help you evaluate the benefits of M-Files.  Please contact us to get this underway.

Get in touch and we will talk you through the options.



Optimise Document Management


5 Steps To Optimise Document Management

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