Connectors for leading Document Management Systems

Seamless integration between DocuSign & your DMS to improve governance and traceability.

Save Time

No need to download documents from your DMS and upload to DocuSign saving your users vital time and effort.

Eliminate Risk

As no documents manually leave your DMS you eliminate the risk of documents staying in mailboxes.

Automate Workflows

Having signed documents automatically feed back into your DMS saves time and effort.

User Adoption

High level user adoption for your digital signature resulting in better compliance.  


BCT DocuSign Connector integrates with some of the
leading Document Management Systems

The Simple Integrated Signature Solution For DocuSign

Simple Right Click To Initiate Signing Process

Send Mulitple Documents For Signature

Signature History Feeds Back Into Your DMS

Signed Document Feeds Back Into Your DMS

Cloud or On-Premises Implementation


iManage Work10, iManage (8.5+), NetDocuments, Worldox & eDocs

Our connector will save your users time by integrating your DMS and DocuSign.  It will ensure that signed copies of your documents will be automatically recorded next to the originals, improving governance and compliance in you working processes. 

Following an analysis with DocuSign in 2022, our connector was responsible for facilitating circa 500,000 transactions which makes it the most successful product in its category. 

Usually about two to three weeks from signature of the contract. 

We have two licensing models which are closely tied to your DocuSign licensing.  We offer user-based licensing (cost per seat), or a percentage of your DocuSign spend if you are based on a DocuSign envelope subscription model. 

We provide a comprehensive Configuration and Administration guide which covers all the flexible options of the system and how to set it up.  We also provide a user operation guide to help you on-board your uses with the connector.  Additional technical architecture documentation is also available to help your network infrastructure and security teams. 

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