Desktop Productivity

Utilise technology to enhance workflows and ease your digital transformation to speed up processes & enhance efficiency. 

digital applications

Provide users with the right tools to work with PDF documents and document bundling.

Convert paper to digital

Digitise your paper documents and convert any incoming paper you receive to digital.

Document Automation

Automate documents quickly, accurately, and see changes in real time.


Provide seamless integration between your DMS and your digital signature platform.


Electronic Document Bundling Software. Making lawyers lives easier.

Connectors with your DMS - iManage/NetDocs/Worldox.

Automate documents quickly, accurately, & see changes in real time.

Everything you need to help you create, covert, edit and share PDF files.


To be honest, depending on the practice groups within your firm, in some cases 100% paperless is impossible.  However, in almost all cases a huge % of the paper in an office is completely avoidable.

We should all be doing our bit for the environment. 25% of waste in landfills is paper. 68 million trees are cut down each year to produce paper. Digital is quicker than paper, all working off the same document.

Some firms have zero paper in their offices and convert all incoming paper to digital. Walk round your office floors and see how much paper is sat in boxes never touched or in the waste bin by photocopiers!

With many firms reducing office space, you can claim back a lot of wasted space by digitising paper documents. After people, your office space is your biggest expense, think about the cost per sq ft and then how much you’re paying to house infrequently used paper. 

On top of this, you’re also saving on costs of paper, print charges & related technology, any postage costs and stationary. 

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