Securing Client Trust: Enhancing Data Privacy & Security with Legal Client Portals

The Session

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the privacy and security of client data is of paramount importance for law firms and legal professionals. Join us for a 30-minute webinar as we explore how to achieve enhanced data privacy and security & ultimately foster trust between legal firms and securing Client Trust.

Nikec’s Account Manager, Rebecca Welsh will delve into the key challenges faced by legal professionals in safeguarding sensitive client information. She will discuss the potential risks associated with traditional communication channels. Finally, how legal client portals can transform data management by providing a secure, centralised platform for seamless collaboration.


If you have clients and exchange documents – Then you need a client portal. Securing Client Trust: Enhancing Data Privacy & Security.

Email was often used in the past, but in an effort to deliver a digital experience as good as a physical one that needs to change. Client portals are the future. Collaboration Portal Hubshare is a powerful secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively.

Secure file sharing pretty much only deals with documents and these tend to be large sets of data or short term sharing. Client portals are for longer transactions and sharing data that is far more than just documents..

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