Panel Discussion: Why your firm needs a Client Portal in the New Normal

The Session

Now clients are being supported remotely, they want to feel listened to, valued & effectively communicated to. Businesses across the globe are investing in new technology to help deliver just that.

Join our panel of industry experts from top Professional Service Firms to hear how technology helped their transition to the New Normal and why you should be considering a Client Portal.


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The Panel

Yvette Moss

steele raymond

IT Director

Neil Blum

barry nilsson

National IT Manager

Dana Lunn

Sladen Legal

Manager of Digital Solutions

Niall Doherty

Moore kingston smith

IT Director

Mark Davidson

Birkett long

IT Director

Damian Jeal


Managing Director

Rebecca Welsh


Account & Marketing Manager

If you have clients and exchange documents – Then you need a client portal. Email was often used in the past, but in an effort to deliver a digital experience as good as a physical one that needs to change. Client portals are the future. Collaboration Portal Hubshare is a powerful secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively.

Secure file sharing pretty much only deals with documents and these tend to be large sets of data or short term sharing. Client portals are for longer transactions and sharing data that is far more than just documents..

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