Legal Client Portals – 5 Reasons Why Your Clients Use Them

The Session

Watch our webinar to see in action 5 ways Law Firms are using a Client Portal with their clients to provide an experience that makes their lives easier, seamless and matches the same high-level care that they want and expect.

When weighing up different technology for your firm to invest in, the first question you should ask is – how will this affect my clients? Will it make their experience better? Will it make us more likely to retain them?

According to a McKinsey report, businesses that focused on maximising their client satisfaction, and in particular their entire client journey, could increase client satisfaction by 20%. They also found it was key to be consistent during all touchpoints of their experience to ensure it’s seamless and effortless for them to navigate through.

With this in mind, and considering our new virtual world, how do law firms ensure their clients experience virtually matches up to a physical one? The simple answer is – by using a Client Portal.


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Rebecca Welsh

Account & Marketing Manager | Nikec Solutions

Rebecca is a experienced Hubshare reseller, specialising in maximising time and efficiency with Client Portals. Over the last few years Rebecca has improved client collaboration, document management and information security for various firms.

Barry Simmons

Client Services Manager | Nikec Solutions

Barry manages all our client service needs. Based in Hong Kong, he specialises in document management, SQL and Digital transformations ensuring everyone is expertly cared for.    

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