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Lawyers are great problem solvers, they do highly stressful work that is nuanced & is based in ‘the grey’ rather than the black and white that most of us live in. If you ask any lawyer what their main headaches are, preparing bundles will be on the list, and we find that it’s the number one administrative problem affecting lawyers today. 

Join Nikec & Zylpha as they explore how to remove the pain from Document Bundles With Zylpha and how creating document Bundles can be a simple process, rather than an administrative headache, for all lawyers and legal professionals regardless of the type of work they do.

These include:


A document bundle is a collection of files presented in a specific order that can be used to present information in a Court hearing.  An electronic bundle is the same process but created digitally and in a far more efficient way.

There is nothing wrong with building court bundles manually, but if you want to save time and paper, as well as create bundles with automatically created hyperlinks, index pages, formatted page numbering and bookmarks then Zylpha is the way to go.

Zylpha offers different pricing models based on your requirements.  These range from FREE document bundling to PAYG and Enterprise licencing.  Nikec Solutions will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and create a bespoke proposal to achieve these.

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