5 Reasons Why Law Firms Need A Client Portal

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Is it easy to setup and implement?

so your Hubshare instance can pretty much be activated by the click of a button. We find with training firms tend to prefer having a few people that are trained directly by our team and then those people relay that training to their teams in a pyramid style I suppose. This training is normally very minimal though as Hubshare is extremely user friendly and easy to pick up.

Fee Earners are worried clients will call more, e.g. every time a document changes. What is your experience?

From our law firm client feedback this actually reduces emails and calls into the lawyers. Your clients will understand and appreciate this is the new deliver method and that they are getting a better client experience.

Which integrations does hubshare currently have available?

netdocs, imanage, mfiles, worldox, edocs, visual files, docusign, yousign (coming summer 2021), O365, ADFS, AD Azure, SSO via OKTA, 2FA via windows or google authenticator. Also we have an open API some firms have built their own integrations or used our SQL tool we built to feed data into portals from financial systems (such as Elite or Aderant) via SQL scripts

How do you see this working with document management systems if you are saving versions directly into HubShare? Will versions get out of control?

 You can setup a sync with a DMS in many ways, but if you had a two way sync then versions wouldn’t get out of sync. If you setup one way like many firms do, yes you would then to choose to download the client document and check it into your DMS as a new version and this would then sync back into Hubshare.

How is Hubshare priced and does it cost more if you use more modules?

Hubshare is priced per internal user, so if you had 10 people within your firm that needed access to Hubshare then your yearly subscription would be for 10 internal users. In terms of external users, we do not charge for them to be added to Hubshare, you can invite an unlimited number of clients and external parties to your Hubs, and you can also create an unlimited number of Hubs. Hubshare doesn’t have any hidden costs, so all the modules and features seen today are included and it costs no extra to turn them on or off.  The only additional cost for Hubshare would be when considering a DMS integration.

How do I transfer data over from my PMS?

There’s a few ways to do it, it depends on how static or in real time that you want your data to be. We have an API that you can connect to and different companies/ firms have written some code to feed data in and we also have a SQL API connector that we can also link different data sources like Aderant and Elite etc and pull that data into what we call our custom fields and then we can present that data using charts. Several firms do that to present WIP or financial data.


How do your existing client use Hubshare?

So Hubshare does have a broad range of use cases but the two main ones are client portals and data rooms. Some firms use data rooms to host online disclosure bundles and others for home sales it really does vary though. We’ve had clients before using Hubshare for their intranet on the side of client file sharing and even one that used Hubshare as a project management tool to facilitate their transition to Elite 3E.

Do you see providing Virtual Data Rooms (e.g. as part of a company sale) as a use case? We are finding that Clients are not generally prepared to pay but, these are very data heavy and if the client were to go to a third party provider e.g. Intralinks, then they would be prepared to pay.

Common issue. Charging for VDR. Some firms have tried this and do disburse it, but some have found it just stops lawyers the deal rooms as they don’t want to charge their clients/or clients wont pay. We had this with a recent client that was using an expensive VDR solution. Once they switched to Hubshare the cost came down so they could offer this FOC to clients.

iManage integration?


What DMS do you integrate with?

These include, eDocs, NetDocuments, Worldox connector, iManage (v9 and Work 10), M-files and VisualFiles.


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