Think Like A Hacker

Security Configuration Management​ is changing the way organisations protect themselves from cyberattacks by using hacker logic to prevent cyber security breaches. We want you to be one step ahead of the hacker.

Smarter, Faster & Reliable

A next generation security solution addressing security gaps for organizations who want to strengthen their security posture rapidly with minimal cost overhead & no impact to the organization.

Don't assume, know for sure

Full & continuous visibility everywhere from your endpoints to your cloud of misconfigurations that disrupt and put your organization at risk.

Beyond Detection, Remediation

Instant mitigation with Automatic Remediation with Zero Impact & Revert. Simple, rapid, effective.

Endpoint Protection Extension

Zero Impact

Default Settings

Auto Remediation 

Human Errors 

Policy Validation

All-in-one Platform

Protecting over 2 million devices worldwide



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Microsoft’s Flaws, Solved By Gytpol

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason for 40% of successful cyberattacks today are misconfigurations on endpoints. . These are not detected by any other security tool except by manual methods which is slow, costly and leaves you exposed and at risk

It can monitor endpoints and server as well as AD/AAD

No, it can be as simple as clicking a button to remediate or set it to auto remediate

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