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24th April 2017
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The Best Technology to Help Students Get Organised, Enhance Productivity and Learn Better

best technology to help students

Technology is helping people work and learn better, but which is the best technology to help students? We review the top 5 technology for students to organise, enhance productivity and learn better.

  1. Audacity – audio recorder.

    For the student who may find their mind wandering during lessons, or find it hard to keep up writing notes whilst listening to the teacher. Recording the lesson will allow students to playback any missed information, ensuring they haven’t forgotten anything. Making revising or writing that important essay much easier.

  2. myHomework – student planner.

    This electronic planner gets students organised, so they can set deadlines, schedule time to revise, and reminders. Replacing the traditional paper diary with an electronic version, and ensuring no deadlines are missed. Selecting a solution that has an app will mean students can be reminded on their mobile device about upcoming deadlines and study sessions.

  1. Anki – digital flash cards.

    For the paperless, digital working student, replacing traditional flash cards with digital ones. You can use it on both desktop and as an app, so students can revise no matter where they are. It works by asking the student the hardest questions most often and easiest least often. So students don’t have to spend time going over things they already know.

  1. EasyBib – bibliography generator.

    Students can automatically generate and export citations quickly, by using more than 50 different source types, helping to save time. Ultimately, a simple but useful tool to enhance student’s productivity when writing and citing essays.

How about one of our products?

  1. Digital Binder.

    We think, and many students across the globe agree, that our tool Digital Binder is one of the best for students. Mimicking your traditional ring binder, it gives students a familiar environment on an intuitive easy to use interface. However, it not only helps the student to work digitally, but it goes further your traditional ring binder. The student can create binders for each subject/module necessary, and within these binders students can create different tabs. Digital Binder will automatically generate a contents page for your binder, to make it easy to navigate.

    Digital Binder stores any type of document, so you can compile excel spreadsheets, word documents, pdfs, as well as web pages, even audio and video. If you need to edit a document you can access it straight from your binder. Alternatively you are can add comments to your documents in your binder, as well as highlight important information without editing the original document.

    Students can use Digital Binder on a laptop, iPad or iPhone, allowing students to access their binders and all of its content wherever they are. Students are free to work wherever and whenever, without paper and space setting limits.

    It’s the perfect way for students to stay organised, work digitally and enhance productivity. When it comes to writing that important essay, or revising for exams, all the necessary documentation is together in a digital binder.

These technologies are helping students to learn better, in a more dynamic and agile way than previously possible. The technology is there to help students, they just need to select the right technology and utilise it.


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