Prevent Data Exfiltration. Stop Phishing Attacks. Save Time.

Tessian provides unparalleled visibility into human security risk and automatically prevents security threats while continuously driving employees toward secure email behavior through in-the-moment security training.

protect client data from insider threats

Prevent data breaches involving personally identifiable information (PII), safeguard your company intellectual property, and help ensure continuous regulatory compliance. 


The legal and accounting sectors handle a large amount of sensitive data, making them a frequent target of attacks, such as Phishing and Account Take Over (ATO).

stop threats, not business

Traditional approaches have come at the expense of user experience as unintelligent pop-ups cause user fatigue. When Tessian discovers anomalies, it displays contextual warning messages with precise flag reasons.


Using machine learning, Tessian automatically prevents accidental data loss over email.

The Human Layer Security Platform That Automatically Stops Data Breaches 

Prevent Outbound Data Loss

Ensure the right emails and attachments are shared with the right people and prevent data breaches that are impossible to detect with legacy DLP controls

Lower Data Exfiltration Risk

Automatically detect and stop data exfiltration and non-compliant activities on emails. No rules required.

Detect Inbound Email Threats

Protect against Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), phishing, and impersonation attacks that bypass legacy security solutions.

Holistically Understand Your Human Layer Risk

Granular visibility and reporting into individual user risk levels and drivers.

96% of phishing attacks arrive by email

Data Visualisation

Large file transfer

Annotation & Co-Authoring

Task Management


Hubshare integrates with some of the leading applications and technologies

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By module and by mailbox

88% of data breaches are casued by human error, so having technology in place to prevent this is key.



Tessian DLP 
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Next-Gen Email Security: Using AI to Protect Firms From Data Loss & Spear Phishing


Tessian Inbound Email Security for Legal



Tessian DLP 
for Financial


Tessian Inbound Email Security for Financial Services


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