The secure file sharing and portal solution

Hubshare is a powerful portal and secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively and more efficiently.

client portal/extranet

Provide your clients with an easy-to-use portal with innovative features to aid sharing documents and data

secure file sharing

Share files simply, from a secure space with your colleagues and clients rather than sending documents via email.

data room/deal room

Store confidential documents for your deal so all parties can access them anywhere, anytime speeding up the process

digital workspace

Collaborate with your team and clients in an intuitive digital workspace by centralising files and communications.

Designed with your client in mind

Improve Data Security

A trusted and secure alternative to email, Hubshare encrypts your data in transit and at rest. 

Encourage Self Service

Provide your clients with instant access to the relevant data so you can increase productivity and save time. 

Enhance Client Engagement

By providing clients with an intuitive platform to collaborate, share and communicate you can maintain and strengthen relationships

One Point of Access

Pull data in from different systems to share with your clients in one easy to manage user friendly interface.

Key features

Data Visualisation

Large file transfer

Annotation & Co-Authoring

Task Management


Hubshare integrates with some of the leading applications and technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have 2 options.  Hubshare can be hosted in one of the 8 Azure datacentres (UK, France, Australia, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, or Singapore), or you can choose to install Hubshare in your own environment.

Each internal user licence comes with 1Gb of space.  The total space is shared amongst all the users.  Additional space can be purchased if you are running low.

Our services team have migrated many clients from varying platforms and would be happy to help you plan and execute a migration to Hubshare.

Hubshare has a document synchronisation with iManage, NetDocuments and VisualFiles.  The integration with M-Files allows you to see the M-Files documents within Hubshare without synchronising a copy.  Hubshare also integrates with DocuSign, Active Directory, Outlook and Office365.

All content added to Hubshare is encrypted with AES256 bit encryption.  Also, you can enable MFA (Multi factor authentication) and SSO (single sign on).

Yes.  Clients use the API to either get data into Hubshare from an external source or to develop custom integrations.

No.  Most of the functionality within Hubshare are configurable options that are turned on or off.  There are some of the DMS integrations that are chargeable as well as additional space, but most things are included in the user licence.

Nikec’s Professional Services engagement doesn’t need to stop when you go live.  We can offer user training and refresher training to enhance user adoption, assistance with template creation, assistance with integrations and day-2-day support.

Yes.  We can help you evaluate the benefits of Hubshare.  Please contact us to get this underway.

Hubshare is a subscription-based solution and is licenced by internal user.  Contact us for more information.

There are new releases of Hubshare every month.

Until April 2021, Hubshare was owned and developed by Nikec Solutions.  In April 2021, M-Files acquired Hubshare however Nikec Solutions remain dedicated to the Hubshare solution and are a global Premium Partner of M-Files.



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