Next-Gen Email Security: Using AI to Protect Firms From Data Loss and Spear Phishing

The Session

Every professional service firm wants to empower their employees to do their best work without security getting in the way.

In 2020, Tessian reported that 96% of phishing attacks arrived by email and 75% of organisations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack. Moreover, 400 misdirected emails and 13,000+ unauthorised emails are sent each year at organisations with 500+ employees. 

Therefore, securing the human layer, should be on the top of every firm’s list when looking at how to improve the security of their data.

 Join George and David, as they dive into the world of email attacks, data loss and how to prevent them.


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George Vasey

Partnerships Manager | Tessian

George has ten years’ cyber security experience, including terms at technology vendors specialising in identity, access and email. He joined Tessian just shy of a year ago to help build its partner program and an ecosystem of partners to support its growth and expansion into new geographies and industries.

David Simpson

Director of Client Services | Nikec Solutions

Dave is the Director of Client Services at Nikec Solutions. Over the last 17 years Dave has assisted firms in maximising efficiencies in various areas including client collaboration, document management and information security.

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