Enhance cyber security awareness with job role specific training

The Session

Technology is a massive part of cyber security, but alone it is not enough to protect your firm from modern cyber threats. Cybercriminals regularly exploit the human element and by focussing on changing people’s behaviour, cyber resilience can be achieved.

Implementing behaviour change to combat these threats is a challenge. People are creatures of habit and influencing. But it’s a challenge worth tackling because in doing so, we can help people protect themselves online, offline, at home and at work.

To change behaviour in a way that is sustainable, tailored, and targeted, we first need a thorough understanding of behaviour.

Typical employee behaviour will vary from person to person depending on their line of work and to ensure that training is relevant and relatable, utilising tailored training content to specific job roles can do just that.

Join our webinar to understand the importance of tailored content as the steppingstone to that crucial behavioural change to achieve heightened awareness and a stronger defence against cyber criminals.


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Rebecca Welsh

Account Manager | Nikec

Rebecca’s role within Nikec involves working closely with external partners to develop marketing campaigns, driving lead generation for new business within Legal and executing all of Nikec’s business development activities.

Justine Cross

CybSafe Consultant

Justine has been working in the Awareness, Behaviour and Culture market for 5 years, working with clients of all sizes and industries. Prior to this, Justine worked globally with leading security, UC, and networking vendors for over 25 years.


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