Threadprint is an efficient print management tool designed to eliminate the waste associated with email printing, providing the ability to only print the latest or any individual thread within an email.

Eliminating waste from email printing is at the heart of any less paper initiative as it usually makes up for over 25% of your firms printing. ThreadPrint allows you to select which thread and attachments you want to print, giving you full control over what you print, with the option to select the latest or any individual thread within an email, any or all attachments in the thread can also be chosen to print. This management not only helps to reduce paper wastage but also saves you time, as you no longer have to flick through the whole printed email to find the thread you need, as only the thread you select will print.

Less Paper

By choosing or automating the printing of fewer threads, you can reduce outlook printing by up to 50%

Reduce Costs

Not only in the reduction of paper, but the shredding costs associated with wasted email.

Save Time

You will no longer need to sift through pages of emails to find the relevant thread and throw the rest away


Being more efficient when working out which email or nested email/attachment you need to print with a simple print preview window.