Disrupt Adversaries before they disrupt you

In today’s digital world, your brand is more exposed and vulnerable than ever before. Get real-time visibility to preempt an attack and take action before it’s too late.

Brand intelligence

Makes it easy to detect and take down suspicious activity such as brand impersonation, leaked credentials, domain abuse, fake social media accounts, and more.

Threat Intelligence

Equips security teams with high confidence, dynamic threat intelligence to inform security strategies and defenses

Vulnerability Intelligence

Scores vulnerability risk based on real-time exploitation trends, providing context to quickly prioritize patching, while reducing downtime and preventing attacks.

SecOps Intelligence

Enables security operations and incident response teams to make fast, confident decisions.

Role-Based Intelligence Supercharges Every Security Function

Protect Your Brand

Brand is your organization’s most valuable asset, driving customer, employee, and partner trust. Typosquat websites, leaked data, and command-and-control attacks are a few ways threat actors may attack your brand — all orchestrated outside of your security perimeter, leaving organizations blindsided.

Respond Faster

SecOps intelligence from Recorded Future enables security operations and incident response teams to make fast, confident decisions based on external intelligence automatically correlated with internal threat data — in real time, at scale across vast amounts of data, and without any manual research.

Protect Your Firm

As your attack surface grows — expanding into the cloud and employees’ homes — there are even more opportunities for threat actors to breach your organization. Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence solution arms your team with high confidence, dynamic threat intelligence so you can make faster, more informed decisions about your security strategies and defenses.

Empower Security Teams

Vulnerability intelligence from Recorded Future scores vulnerability risk based on real-time exploitation trends. This empowers security teams with the context they need to quickly and confidently prioritize patching the vulnerabilities that matter most, reducing downtime, and preventing attacks.

PWC 2021 report stated 90% of law firms are extremely or somewhat concerned about the impact of cyber threats

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