How do organizations all over the world cut costs, increase efficiency, boost security, reduce waste and go green? SafeCom offers a modular approach to control and optimise imaging and printing activity.

By using SafeCom – and building a secure print management system that fits their business. The formula for finance and IT managers to reduce costs and simplify document workflow is simple: consolidate, standardize and control your printing operations. And yet your employees need to print safely anytime, anywhere and at any printer. With comprehensive print management tools that deliver smart, secure printing deployments, SafeCom makes it happen.

Follow Me Printing

Ensure your print jobs strict privacy requirement policies are met within your firm, and print work is only taken by the correct user, keeping sensitive documents safe, whilst being key to reducing printing costs.

Print Management

Set print rules to make sure the right jobs are printed at the right printers with an aim to reducing paper output costs

Activity Tracking

To create a unified view of print, copy and scan activity of all network devices for cost-savings initiatives


Present to the business how effective the solution is in saving your firm paper and money

Reduce Costs
and Waste

Achieve 40% savings on your print budget by taking better control of print operations and reducing waste.


Eliminate the need for personal printers, reduce the number of print servers and remove print data from your network.


SafeCom’s secure printing solution offers user authentication at every device so documents fall into the right hands – every time.

Allocate & Recover Print Costs


Improve document security with required authentication to collect printed documents