Nikec Analytics is a powerful, interactive and dynamic reporting tool that lets you get the most out of your existing Copitrak cost recovery data.

Powered by Qlik, Nikec Analytics helps you better measure and track your firms printing, copying, scanning and other disbursement data. The dynamic report engine allows you to find what you are looking for in seconds. You can make the right business decisions, and devise your billing strategy based on knowledge gained from accurate data. You can also pinpoint your most expensive departments, as well as identify your most profitable matters. Simplify the process, get the most out of your current system and save time. Nikec Analytics gives you the answers you need in just a click.

Enhance Your Current Reporting

Speed up your current reporting to get better use out of your existing data, especially when running large data sets or complex reports

Dynamic Reporting

Drill down on specific data within one report, negating the need to run various reports, and the need to cross check, compare and analyse them

Identify Trends

This powerful tool helps identify trends within your firm e.g. print management stats to see what devices or departments are printing the most (e.g colour, duplex or emails)

Cost & Efficiency Reporting

Show what are your most profitable matters

Analyse Paper Reductions

Better understand how much paper you are saving, or could be saving from follow me printing or ThreadPrint

Competitive Pricing

Knowing exactly what your costs are allows you to offer competitive pricing for your services


Find the answer you need in a few clicks


Enables you to see how your system is running, allowing you to act on them quickly

Simplify Complex Data

Make analysing your complex data easy

No Training Needed

No excessive manipulating of existing flat reports