The digital age requires a new way of working: secure, govern and manage your documents with unified printing, document capture and workflow process automation.

Kofax ControlSuite, a solution within the company’s Intelligent Automation platform, speeds office worker productivity, minimizes security breaches, and reduces compliance costs with the most intelligent, integrated, and innovative print and capture feature set.
Your organisation can leverage these integrated capabilities to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of increased demand for information access combined with the increased threats to that information.
Kofax ControlSuite is designed to equip organisations with a new way to engage like the digital workforce of tomorrow and navigate the landscape of cyber-attacks, toughening privacy regulations and increasingly mobile workforces. Kofax ControlSuite is a single, integrated, easy-to-manage solution that can be configured to automate a wide range of document- and information-dependent tasks.

Print Management Services

• Unified authentication (MFP and mobile)
• Secure print release
• Usage tracking and auditing

Capture Services

• Multichannel capture integration (mobile, MFP, desktop, email, etc)
• OCR conversion
• System-to-system connectors

Output Management Services

• Information monitoring
• Information redaction
• Secure document quarantine and release