Leading Ipswich law firm chooses Nikec to enhance client engagement through self-service platform.

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Kerseys has chosen Nikec Solutions as their preferred supplier of Hubshare to help with their digital transformation. As a leading Law Firm for Business and individuals, Kersey’s Solicitors, based in Ipswich and Colchester, have a rich heritage of providing tailored commercial and private legal services to individuals, families, and businesses.

Trudy Hooper, IT & Business Operations Manager, at Kerseys Solicitors LLP explained, “there are many products in the marketplace.  We considered the financial cost along with a product which needed to be flexible and easy to use. Having worked with David Simpson at Nikec Solutions previously, I knew that their principles were aligned with my own. We wanted to keep it simple for the end user, clients and third parties, so they could focus on accessing and reviewing what they need rather than worrying about IT skills.”  


Hubshare is well known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy and accessible for all end users. The goal is to make the user’s journey quick and simple to find the right data. Hubshare is specifically designed to enhance the client and employee’s productivity by keeping things effortless and encouraging clients to self-serve. Hubshare’s set up and implementation is straight forward, meaning you don’t have to reply on IT teams or technical staff, anyone can do it!


Trudy continued, “Our corporate team members were provided with a training session by myself which lasted approximately 20 minutes. As it is a cloud-based product, it is easy to use but, more importantly straight forward for our clients and other parties who require access.”


Hubshare training with your clients and colleagues should be minimal and does not require all users to attend. Many firms like Kerseys train a few of their users and employees, many of whom would be involved in the set-up of portals and then share the training with the rest of the team.


Head of Commercial Team at Kerseys, Kimat Singh shed light on why they knew Hubshare was the right platform for them.“We did not want to over complicate and reinvent the wheel to share large files securely or when creating a commercial deal room. Hubshare was a great solution, I did not need to get involved any further, it does what it is required to do and was setup within 2 days, which allowed me to focus on delivering a service to my clients.”

Senior Corporate Solicitor Adrian Chaffey also commented “I have used many other products whilst working in London which deliver the same end result, but I am very happy with Hubshare and would recommend the product to other corporate lawyers it is cost effective and easy to use.”


Director of Client Services at Nikec Solutions, David Simpson, went on to share how “Trudy and I have worked together before in previous roles, so it was great that Kerseys Solicitors also showed the confidence in Nikec Solutions to enable us to work together again on the Hubshare deployment.”

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