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21st October 2014
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2nd March 2015

Hempsons implements Copitrak to maximise cost recovery and optimise their print environment

London, UK, 21st January 2015. Hempsons, the largest specialist health and social care legal practice in the UK, has become the latest firm to switch to Copitrak Cost Recovery and Print Management solution. The switch is another element in the firm’s strategy to increase overall profitability and operational efficiency, the switch follows an upgrade to their fleet of MFDs and replaces their previous solution of ten years.

Maximising billable expenses

Fully integrated within Canon’s MFDs, Copitrak Cost Recovery technology now enables Hempsons to automatically track and allocate print and copy charges from both their local and networked printing devices. The firm can subsequently relay these expenses back to their clients while providing them with a detailed breakdown for complete clarity to maximising cost recovery.

Detailed reporting to analyse, understand and optimise their print environment

Through the comprehensive reports generated by the Copitrak software, Hempsons can gain a snapshot of print usage and practices at a departmental, user, application or even at a matter level.
Ultimately it helps answer questions such as which departments are not recovering their costs, whether print intensive divisions have the correct equipment to meet their needs or what percentage of paper is wasted due to unnecessary printing or through printing in colour and in simplex mode. Accurate investments or remedial actions can then be undertaken based on these findings.

Neil Bassett, Head of Facilities at Hempsons said

“We opted for the Copitrak Cost Recovery and Print Management oftware as it offered superior value for money compared to our previous software. We were also looking for a solution that would integrate effortlessly into our current environment and something that was future proof. The Copitrak solution was able to deliver this. Its modular approach enables us to add more capabilities such as secure and rule based printing to further enhance workflows in the future. The solution’s scalability means that it will continue to support our growing requirements as our business expands in the future”

concluded Bassett.
Damian Jeal, Vice President Global Sales at Nikec Solutions commented

“While cost recovery is still critical in law firms, we are also seeing more firms using cost recovery and print management solutions to essentially control and manage costs. Firms are fast realising that the analysis of trends is critical to making strategic decisions. Copitrak offers the precise tools and a range of capabilities to help firms optimise their work environment for greater productivity and cost effectiveness”

said Jeal.

Hempsons is an award winning UK law firm to the Health and Social Care, Medical Practitioners and Charities and Social Enterprise markets. As a market leader in this sector, Hempsons advises clients that are involved in the planning, commissioning, regulation or provision of health and social care services and acts for hundreds of healthcare organisations, including Foundation Trusts, other NHS Trusts, developing CCGs, general practitioners and regulatory bodies as well as third sector and independent healthcare providers. The firm’s charities and social enterprise sector clients include many large and well known national charities, membership bodies (including a significant number of Royal Colleges), community interest companies, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. For more information, please visit