More than just security awareness training and phishing simulations

CybSafe helps to change behaviour and lower human cyber security risk

cyberSecurity awareness training & assesSment

Certified by the NCSC CybSafe is designed to provide people with all the tools and information they need. It empowers people to protect themselves, their organisations & their families online.

intelligent phishing & social engineering simulations

CybSafe helps reduce phishing risks by using intelligent attack simulations and interactive content. This unique approach helps improve how people respond to phishing.

on demand guidance, advice & education

Training alone rarely leads to behavioural changes. On demand help and personalised learning nudges bridge the gap between security awareness and cyber security policies.

cyberSecurity Behaviour & risk management

There are many challenges in measuring and reducing the risk associated with security behaviours. CybSafe helps you overcome them, so that human cyber risk can be better managed.

Thousands use CybSafe to prevent security incidents

Reduce avoidable cyber incidents

Data, metrics and reporting let security professionals predict areas of vulnerability and make smarter security decisions

Understand behaviour & minimize risk

Experts in psychology, cyber security and cybercrime focus on research and analysis to provide insights and best practices for changing behaviour.

Meet industry compliance mandates

CybSafe offers security awareness content, role-specific or persona-based cyber security support, and data-driven human risk reporting to help you meet global information security compliance requirements.

Improve cyber support to staff

CybSafe is security awareness and data analytics software that helps you reduce avoidable security incidents by measuring and improving your people’s security behaviours.

When it comes to cyber security, people aren’t the weakest link. In fact, they can be your greatest asset — if they have the right support and you have the right data

Data Visualisation

Large file transfer

Annotation & Co-Authoring

Task Management


Hubshare integrates with some of the leading applications and technologies

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Training alone rarely leads to behaviour change. On demand help and personalised behaviour nudges bridge the gap between securtiy awareness and cyber security policies.



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