17 January 2023

Cyber Security threats Accountancy firms should expect in 2023

Accountancy firms will always be a serious target for cyber criminals due to their sensitive client information and the significant funds they handle. Extensive data consumption […]
13 July 2021

Knowledge vs Information

Fundamentally knowledge management is about making the right knowledge available to the right people at the right time. So why is it many employees and employers […]
24 June 2021

How can you enhance your firms communication?

How can you enhance your firm’s communications when the way lawyers and clients are communicating has changed with the constant development of technology? There are so […]
14 June 2021

Digital Transformation: 5 Steps to optimise document management

Companies that have successfully embraced Digital Transformation do not simply adopt individual technologies to solve their individual problems. They often have a defined strategy and clear […]
3 June 2021

5 ways e-mails are killing your productivity

Although you may think of an e-mail as a tool to enhance your business efficiency, e-mail is killing your productivity. E-mail allows you to quickly communicate […]
18 May 2021

How has technology been crucial to the legal industry in the last 12 months?

2020 forced many of us to revaluate the way we work and most significantly, the way we work with our clients and colleagues. Where we used […]
19 April 2021

The value of collaborating to ensure client retention

Why client retention is so important The age of the customer has meant those working in professional services have to do all they can to keep […]
25 November 2020

Go green with collaborative document portals

In a world where we are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our green footprint, it seems natural to extend the same thought to our working […]
13 February 2020

What In-House Lawyers want

In the ever-growing client focused legal industry, it’s becoming more and more important for lawyers to provide their clients with what they want, to provide them with a […]
10 January 2020

Efficiency, Security, Cloud & Collaboration

As we head into the new year, we take a look back at some of the key trends of 2018 that are continuing to be prevalent […]
13 June 2019

Make the switch to a client portal

Email is Unsecure You’re probably already aware of the dangers associated with email, but we bet you’re still continuing to use it, despite the risks. In the current […]
18 April 2018

Should you Build or should you Buy – Extranet Special

The question many Law firm heads of IT ask themselves when purchasing software is “Do we buy it, or do we build it?”. On the face […]