5th December 2013

7 reasons why law firms digitise their client matter

  The creation of matters is central to a law firm’s operation – the focal point between a lawyer, his/her team and the client.  While many […]
19th November 2013

Don’t let your printing costs get out of hand!

  As an organisation, you wish you could give your employees the licence to print freely, print whatever they want, how they want (in colour or […]
27th September 2013

5 Major Information Related Challenges Faced by Law Firms

  The work environment is changing with technology being a catalyst. With the sheer volumes of documents and devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) from which information […]
18th September 2013

3 Ways to Secure Your Law Firm’s Information and Reputation

  As competition within the legal environment intensifies, law firms are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their services. While many consider their reputation as their […]
16th August 2013

4 new technologies which help speed up the approval process

  Matter management is a complex affair.  As a team member working with your colleagues and manager to compile matter folders, you may have experienced the […]
1st July 2013
BYOD and consumerisation of IT in the Legal Industry

BYOD and consumerisation of IT in the Legal Industry

With an increasing amount of consumer IT software products infiltrating through the business environment, law firms and IT suppliers are facing a shift in their strategies […]
23rd April 2013
selecting a file sharing solution

6 essential questions you should ask when selecting a file sharing solution

  Collaborative working is making the business world turn faster. File sharing supports collaborative work, reduces business development cycles, reduces your carbon footprint, and there has […]
5th April 2013
cloud or on premise

Cloud or on premise? The choice is yours!

When you plan to acquire a business application, chances are you will more and more often have to choose between hosting it in the Cloud or […]
2nd April 2013

Advanced Secure File Sharing for Professionals: Nikec Docstore

[ News from Nikec Solutions ] Are your lawyers using file sharing systems that your firm does not approve of? Are they using these because their […]