19th April 2017

Digital Binder – How to Share Your Digital Binder

You may want to share your Digital Binder with friends, clients or colleagues. There’s multiple ways that you can share your Binder, such as via your […]
12th April 2017
reduce paper consumption

5 Ways to Help Reduce Paper Consumption

Along with AI, agile working and cloud solutions, one of the most talked about subjects is still how to reduce paper consumption. A few years ago there […]
11th April 2017

Digital Binder- How to Add Documents to Your Digital Binder

You can add over 100 different file formats to your binder, and there is a few different ways that you can add documents to your Digital […]
7th April 2017

Digital Binder- How to Edit Your Documents from Digital Binder

One of the great things about Digital Binder is the ease of access to edit your documents from Digital Binder. With a lot of document storage […]
22nd March 2017
embracing technology to change traditional working practices

Law Firms Are Embracing Technology to Change Traditional Working Practices and Win Clients – British Legal Technology Forum 2017

Nikec returned as a sponsor of the British Legal Technology Forum 2017 this year, with themes around; AI, cybersecurity, cloud, gamification and utilising tech to enhance […]
7th March 2017

Digital Binder- How to Add Annotations and Comments to Documents in Digital Binder

A useful feature of Digital Binder is the ability to add annotations and comments to documents in Digital Binder, without changing the original document. So it’s just […]
7th March 2017

Digital Binder- How to Personalise Your Digital Binder?

To personalise your digital binder you can add an images to the front cover and change the colour of your binder and its tabs. To either […]
7th March 2017

Digital Binder – How to Create a Digital Binder?

There are a few different ways you can create a digital binder, creating a new blank binder, using a folder (which can be complete with subfolders) […]
16th January 2017
security is still the biggest technology challenge for law firms logo

Security is Still the Biggest Technology Challenge for Law Firms

The ILTA 2016 Tech Survey highlights that security is still the biggest technology challenge for law firms in 2016. With the media constantly reporting hacking and phishing […]
22nd November 2016
Email is killing your productivity

5 Ways Email is Killing Your Productivity

Although you may think email as a tool to enhance your business efficiency, email is killing your productivity. Email allows you to quickly communicate with many […]
7th October 2016
law firms' cloud security picture

Law firms’ cloud security – are your law firms’ cloud security fears misplaced?

ILTA’s technology purchasing survey highlights law firms’ cloud security concerns. In this article we question these fears, suggest other areas firms might be ignoring, and recommend the cloud […]
1st August 2016
reading on screen picture

Reading on Screen- 3 Ways Technology Can Bridge the Gap between Reading on Paper vs on Screen

Reading on screen is becoming increasingly popular, in particular with young people according to the 2013 National Literacy Trust found 52% of their subjects preferred to […]