23rd April 2019

The value of collaborating to ensure client retention

Why client retention is so important The age of the customer has meant those working in professional services have to do all they can to keep […]
25th March 2019

Go green with collaborative document portals

In a world where we are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our green footprint, it seems natural to extend the same thought to our working […]
10th January 2019

Efficiency, Security, Cloud & Collaboration

As we head into the new year, we take a look back at some of the key trends of 2018 that are continuing to be prevalent […]
7th June 2018

Why law firms need to avoid email attachment hell

Check your inbox, how many emails do you have? I bet by the time you’ve read this article you’ll have even more. It’s a fact, currently […]
18th April 2018

Should you Build or should you Buy – Extranet Special

The question many Law firm heads of IT ask themselves when purchasing software is “Do we buy it, or do we build it?”. On the face […]
11th December 2017

GDPR and how our technology can help you with compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement begins 25th May 2018. We hope with this article we can help our users understand the GDPR and how […]
3rd May 2017
best technology to help students

The Best Technology to Help Students Get Organised, Enhance Productivity and Learn Better

Technology is helping people work and learn better, but which is the best technology to help students? We review the top 5 technology for students to […]
24th April 2017

Digital Binder – How to Create and Use Digital Binder Templates

To save yourself time you can create and use Digital Binder templates, which will save your binder, its front cover, the table of content, tab colours […]
19th April 2017

Digital Binder – How to Share Your Digital Binder

You may want to share your Digital Binder with friends, clients or colleagues. There’s multiple ways that you can share your Binder, such as via your […]
12th April 2017
reduce paper consumption

5 Ways to Help Reduce Paper Consumption

Along with AI, agile working and cloud solutions, one of the most talked about subjects is still how to reduce paper consumption. A few years ago there […]
11th April 2017

Digital Binder- How to Add Documents to Your Digital Binder

You can add over 100 different file formats to your binder, and there is a few different ways that you can add documents to your Digital […]
7th April 2017

Digital Binder- How to Edit Your Documents from Digital Binder

One of the great things about Digital Binder is the ease of access to edit your documents from Digital Binder. With a lot of document storage […]