Client Portals – Why 2021 will see an increase in adoption

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Client Portals in 2021 – Why we will see an adoption in uptake. 

2020 was one of the most challenging years most of us have faced in business. Staff from all businesses will be continuing to remote work and moving forward statistics show most companies will operate a hybrid work approach. Anyone thinking they’ll all be back in the office 100% I’m afraid just doesn’t seem realistic anymore. 

Business large and small have been given the opportunity to explore their approach to agile and remote working. Thrown in we could say. Sink of swim. And most swam easily, some needed a life vest, the odd few sank unfortunately.

Office Space

From the LSN study it shows how UK law firms are looking at office space in the future.

Only 19% will be staying as they are. That a huge change. Going back to what I was saying about how the Pandemic has changed they way we work dramatically, this shows what changes are happening and how we need to invest in technology that helps our teams work better together but also how we can work better with our clients digitally as we wont all be in our big offices anymore.

If you have clients and exchange documents – Then you need a client portal in 2021. Email was often used in the past, but in an effort to deliver a digital experience as good as a physical one that needs to change. Client portals in 2021 are the future. Collaboration Portal Hubshare is a powerful secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively.

Secure file sharing pretty much only deals with documents and these tend to be large sets of data or short term sharing. Client portals are for longer transactions and sharing data that is far more than just documents..


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