5 reasons to invest in a Client Portal in 2022

The Session

Is your firm on the prowl for new software in 2022?

Look no further as Rebecca Welsh & Damian Jeal will be diving into 5 reasons how you can bridge the gap between your clients & employees and keep up with new client demands in our now virtual world with a Client Portal.

Whether you’re new to Client Portals or already an avid user, discover how you can strengthen client relationships, boost productivity and encourage self-service. 


If you have clients and exchange documents – Then you need a client portal. Email was often used in the past, but in an effort to deliver a digital experience as good as a physical one that needs to change. Client portals are the future. Collaboration Portal Hubshare is a powerful secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively.

Secure file sharing pretty much only deals with documents and these tend to be large sets of data or short term sharing. Client portals are for longer transactions and sharing data that is far more than just documents..

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