4 Key Focus Areas To Help Accountancy Firms Excel in the Digital Transformation Race

Watch to see how M-Files & Hubshare can Help Accountancy Firms Excel

The Session

Is your firm looking to better manage documents, efficiently share data and collaborate with your clients? 

Look no further! Our CEO, Damian Jeal, & Client Services Manager Barry Simmons, are diving into how Accountancy firms can use innovative technology, such as Client Portals, Document Management and Digital Signatures to get ahead in the Digital Transformation Race. Help Accountancy Firms Excel.

Gain insight from industry experts, as they reveal what should be on the top of every firms’ tech wish lists, to ensure they don’t get left behind…


M-Files is a Document and Content Management System.  This powerful tool makes it easy to collaborate, access and share information with metadata replacing the hassle of folders. Customisable workflows and automation increase efficiency and reduce errors, making M-Files the smart choice for your business.

Hubshare is a powerful portal and secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively and more efficiently.

Providing a digital experience that is as good as the physical one, is key to any successful client portal. Get closer to your clients & collaborate any time, anywhere.

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