Nikec Hub maximises your business’s productivity with a dynamic portal that empowers colleagues and clients to communicate and collaborate.

By creating a place to share files, information, project timelines, resources and knowledge, Nikec Hub increases client engagement and enhances business efficiency.

The user friendly and intuitive interface allows you to create your own Hub in a few simple steps. Nikec Hub has enterprise level security and can be an on premise or cloud solution. With an open API Nikec Hub seamlessly integrates with many business systems, such as; practice management systems - for management information and project timelines, and document management systems - for one or two way document synchronisation.

Nikec Hub is the answer to your collaborative working needs.

Law Firm Extranets

Share various information regarding a matter whilst complying with security protocols


Space to share resources, ideas and comments to work collaboratively

Document Management File Sharing

Share files directly from your DMS

Sharing Management Information

Provide up to date information to clients at all times

Client Engagement

Be transparent with your clients by providing easy access to all their relevant information and documents

One Portal for All

Integrate any current client portals all into one place

Knowledge Sharing

Share resources and files with colleagues

Project and Matter Management

Keep your clients informed of what stage the matter is at

Increase Branding

Share resources and files with colleagues


Cross selling your firms other legal advice


Improve working with others using a central space to share files and exchange comments


Integration with your DMS or any other system your firm might use to seamlessly present various types of information in one place


Encryption, audit trail and granular rights means regulations are kept to


Have one centralised online space to communicate with clients and colleagues and eliminate disparate messages