eCopy ShareScan is a simple and intuitive scanning solution that securely transforms paper based documents into electronic format.

eCopy ShareScan lets you scan paper documents and connect them to your collaboration, desktop publishing, and archival workflows. In addition to secure scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC, and scan-to-file functionality, ShareScan can automatically convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs, or editable Microsoft Word and Excel files, and connect to your document management system. eCopy ShareScan accelerates paper and electronic document capture workflows while catalysing compliance through records management protocols and policies. eCopy ShareScan helps increase productivity and business processes by automating workflows.

Digitise Paper

Seamlessly convert paper documents into editable Microsoft Office documents

Scan Files

Documents can be sent to PC, email, files, and your DMS straight from the scanner


Streamlined integration with content management and network folders allows you to archive hardcopies directly from your scanner

Email Documents Directly from the Copier

You can access your global and personal address books at the copier and directly scan and email documents to your contacts