World Software Corporation partners with Nikec solutions to provide an enhanced document workflow environment

Published: May 2014

London, May 19, 2014

Leading document management systems (DMS) provider World Software Corporation and Nikec Solutions are combining their technical capabilities to provide an enhanced and integrated document workflow management solution.

The integration of Worldox, World Software Corporation's flagship DMS solution and Nikec Binder - Nikec Solutions' market leading electronic ring binder that is designed to replicate the look and feel of an traditional paper based folder, allows documents to be pulled directly from the DMS and updated, shared, sent marked-up and retrieved from within a single platform. Essentially this provides seamless integration of documents across an organisation's workflow environment - all within a familiar, intuitive interface that the digital binder offers.

"The partnership between Nikec Solutions and World Software Corporation adds great value for users and firms", commented Damian Jeal, Vice President Global Sales, Nikec Solutions. "Having a market leading DMS integrated with Nikec Binder will not only help integrate the work flow environment to boost productivity across firms but it also allows users to work with documents using a highly visual tool. It takes away the linear approach of accessing and working with documents that are inherent within a DMS. This makes it easier to search for, access and work on documents whether it be digital client matter folders, board packs and reference documents." Continued Jeal.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Nikec Solutions. Having this sophisticated binder solution integrated in Worldox GX3 offers a great value adding proposition for our end users to improve document efficiency across the board." Commented Ray Zwiefelhofer, President, World Software Corporation.

Nikec Binder is distributed throughout the USA and Canada by Nikec Solutions' key strategic partner Systems Auditing Inc. (SAI).

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About Nikec Solutions

Nikec Solutions (formerly Copitrak Systems Europe) is a global provider of software solutions designed to increase business efficiency, improve workflow and bottom lines. The company's products range from cost recovery and print and expense management software to secure workflow management solutions. With over 16 years of in-depth expertise, the company has become a trusted advisor to some of the biggest and innovative legal and professional firms across the globe.

The company's expertise within the professional services industry is profound and over the past ten years it has managed to maintain a customer retention rate of 99% thanks to its high quality customer support. With offices based across Asia and Europe, Nikec Solutions' sales, marketing and support teams are well positioned to work closely with clients no matter where they are in the world.
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About World Software Corporation

Founded in 1988 and based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, World Software CorporationĀ® is an innovative leader in the Document Management Systems (DMS) category. The company's flagship product Worldox has an install base of over 5500 companies in 52 countries.
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About SAI Systems Auditing

Systems Auditing Inc. (SAI) markets and supports Integrated Workflow Solutions in three main areas: Cost Recovery, Document Collaboration and Mobility Tracking. A dedicated specialist since 1983, SAI has a demonstrated record of industry leadership and a client retention rate that would be the envy of any competitor. As established experts in their field, SAI regularly consults their clients to help them enhance their workflow capabilities and in turn their overall performance and profits.
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