21st June 2016
ILTA 2015 Technology Survey

Nikec reviews ILTA 2015 Technology Survey and highlights a few common problematic areas for law firms

Back in December ILTA published their ILTA 2015 Technology Survey, which reports the input of 420 firms representing more than 88,000 attorneys and 185,000 users.  In […]
2nd April 2016
nikec binder - less paper lawyer - deliver electronic matter files

The less paper lawyer

Read Many lawyers are now faced with challenges of reducing paper consumption whilst moving to the electronic file, as well as improving their mobile working processes.
17th December 2015

How can an extranet enhance your firm’s communications?

  How can you enhance your firm’s communications when the way lawyers and clients are communicating has changed with the development of technology. There is now many […]
26th November 2015
integrating systems with your extranet

Integrating systems with your extranet – Why is it key to improving a law firm’s processes?

Document exchanges between law firms and its clients and/or counsel are rapidly changing, with the move to the ‘less paper’ office. More often than not documents […]
30th October 2015

How secure are your documents? – Secure extanets

It seems like cybercrime is in the news every other week with stories of security issues and sensitive data getting hacked or accessed by the wrong […]
22nd September 2015

Knowledge sharing : “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers”*

Fundamentally knowledge management is about making the right knowledge available to the right people at the right time. So why is it many employees and employers […]
31st August 2015
personalising your extranet

Personalising your extranet – strengthen your law firm’s branding

You would like to think most, if not all, your lawyers understand the importance of your company identity. Your brand is more than a logo or […]
31st July 2015
sharing large files logo

Sharing large files- Why should users care how big the file they send is?

With the move to a less paper office, sharing large files is more common, as the increase in sending documents via email, rather than via post, […]
30th June 2015
enterprise collaboration platforms logo

Why are we not all using enterprise collaboration platforms?

How many times this week have you sent out an email to more than one person and the replies come back thick and fast, and before […]
20th April 2015

Benefits of Extranets for Law Firms – 7 Ways They Will Boost Firm-Wide Productivity and Efficiency

Project management and collaboration forms a large part of a law firm’s operations with lawyers having to constantly share, collaborate and communicate information with internal teams […]
21st October 2014

How strong are your firm’s organisational skills?

Recently I stumbled across a live site that shows all the commercial aircrafts in the skies above us at any given moment in time. The sheer volume […]
15th August 2014

Australia’s Privacy Act update – How to comply to the Act and secure your firm’s data?

In conjunction with the huge volumes of electronic data in existence On March 12th 2014, Australia implemented its Privacy Amendment Act 2012. This Act now comprehensively […]