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13th October 2016
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Security is Still the Biggest Technology Challenge for Law Firms
16th January 2017

5 Ways Email is Killing Your Productivity

Email is killing your productivity

Although you may think email as a tool to enhance your business efficiency, email is killing your productivity. Email allows you to quickly communicate with many different people, but more and more research is showing that it hinders your productivity. The interruptions email causes whilst you are working effects your concentration and ability to efficiently carry out tasks. Particularly because the immediacy of email means that you are expected to make a quick reply. In this article we outline 5 ways that email is killing your productivity, and suggest a solution.

  1. Filtering through emails
    More than 300 business emails are received a week and only 14% of received emails are likely to be crucial. The average worker receives a large amount of marketing emails, newsletters and email notifications to their business emails. Filtering through all these emails is time consuming. In addition it is difficult find your most important emails and key information in these emails. *Workfront
  2. Checking your email
    The average office worker checks their email 36 times an hour. Whilst it is necessary to keep up to date, this constant need to check your email is killing your productivity. Email is just one part of most employees’ role, yet it occupies 23% of the average employee’s workday. If you turn off your email for a day and focus on other tasks then work productivity and efficiency would improve. However, for most people this is not a realistic request as they need to be contactable. *Atlassian
  3. Refocusing after an email interruption
    When focusing on another task and an email comes in, regardless of its relevance it still interrupts your work. After this interruption it takes the average person 16 minutes to refocus on the task they were trying to complete. If you receive over 300 emails a week this constant interruption can really harm your productivity and ability to be able to efficiently carry out a task. *Atlassian
  4. Large file send limits
    How much time do you waste trying to send large files? Attempting to reduce the file size or find an alternative way to send it? This often means you will have to upload the file to a 3rd party site to generate a link and then copy this into an email.
  5. Phishing scams and attacks
    73% of law firms suffered a security incident in 2016, with the majority of attacks resulting from phishing scams on staff. We’ve discussed the problems email can cause for cybersecurity in a previous article. Phishing attacks harms productivity because of the time needed to deal with the resulting security incidents. *pwc

So what’s the solution? Technology to enhance your productivity. We recommend a technology that allows you to create secure portals with only the important information, including upcoming deadlines and be able to share files and make comments all in one place. A place you can securely share large files and exchange information, eliminating the need to send multiple emails and interrupt your work. This would mean no longer having to filter through emails to find relevant instruction, or check your email in case something important comes in.